We offer customised special interest ancestral tours and can create and advise on key locations to visit, including specialist's guides or lectures.

We can organize ancestral tours which can include research into your Scots Irish family name or Scottish Clan. We research and prepare bespoke tours that will allow you to visit some amazing historical sites, witness the beautiful countryside that Scotland and Ireland has to offer and allow you to walk in the footsteps of your ancestors.

Enhance your knowledge of where your ancestors lived, what they did for work and what life was like for them. This knowledge can then be shared with other family members and passed on to future generations.

These tours include bespoke ancestral clan tours and creating your own Scots Irish ancestor tours.

Ancestral Clan Tours

Working with researchers, Discover Britain and Ireland can offer customized tours of Scotland, Ireland, England and Wales to investigate your heritage. Focusing on family history, connections to clans, surnames or locations, a tour can be created to reveal your history and include visits to homes, castles or land that is associated with your ancestors.

All tours can be combined to enjoy the rest of the country with general sightseeing also included. We cater for all group sizes and recognize that tours may range from one day up to several weeks and that each tour is a personal and emotional journey.

Tracing family history can include using various research methods and we work alongside Genealogists to locate and search archives including registration offices, burial ground records and local law records for further information to create the most authentic experience. We also ensure that guests can access archives to see for themselves written history of where their ancestors may have once lived and worked.

Options for each tour include either an escorted tour with specialist guide and overnight hotel accommodation or self-drive options that include a rental car, customized itinerary and overnight accommodation.

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